Ways into the industry

Future workers in the building and construction industry can select from three educational pathways to obtain a professional certificate: through secondary school, adult education (VUX) or by working as an apprentice in a company.

Basic education

Two things are required for recognition of completed education and to recive a professional certificate:
First, formal basic education from either;

  • The building and construction programme at a secondary school
  • A company apprenticeship
  • Adult education (VUX)

Followed by a qualification period

Then a qualification period as an apprentice employee. The length of the qualification period varies from 24 to 36 months depending on the profession you choose to focus on. Once you have completed this, you are entitled to a professional certificate. You will receive an agreed-upon apprenticeship wage during the qualification period. You must apply for the apprenticeship yourself.

Finally a professional certificate

A professional certificate opens up several opportunities. It provides clear proof of competency for new employees, it makes you a more attractive worker on the labour market, you receive a guaranteed salary and security in times of uncertainty (e.g. redundancy).