Company apprentice

Being a company apprentice normally means that all of your initial training is as an employee of a company. It may also be that you are missing some part of your previous education (e.g. secondary school) and therefore have to supplement your knowledge.

vocational courses on a distance + practical education

The basic training for a company apprentice includes vocational courses on a distance paid for by the company and practical education at the company. The theoretical and practical education must be completed within 12 months from the start of the education (within 6 months for construction machine operator). The estimated time for the professional training programme is about 100 hours, but this varies slightly depending on the chosen profession.

Who can become an apprentice?

Basically anyone can become a business apprentice. No prior knowledge is required. The important thing is to find a company that is willing to employ an apprentice. The company must have a collective agreement or a labour contract. To be a company apprentice means being employed as an apprentice without or with only parts of an approved initial education. The education is now paid for and in part conducted by the company. The minimum age for an apprentice is 18 years. If a company wishes to employ an apprentice who is under the age of 18, an exemption must be obtained from Byggbranschens yrkesnämnd (BYN) before employment is possible.

The qualification period

The period following initial training is called the qualification period, during which you work as an apprentice in a company. The length of the qualification period varies from 24-36 months depending on the profession, after which you can apply for a professional certificate. You will receive an agreed-upon apprenticeship wage during the qualification period. You must independently apply for an apprenticeship position at a company that has either a collective agreement or a labour contract.